February 20, 2023

Serverless URL Shortener on Azure

Building an URL shortener is much easier now using the Serverless technologies in Azure. In this post, we will discuss about developing this solution. Update: My colleague (Christopher Maneu) pointed out that we could optimize the cost by using Azure Static Web Apps (SWA) for hosting the management console. I updated the design to use SWA and added another API to check what the target URL is for the specific short URL gets resolved without visiting the site. Read more

March 14, 2017

Monitor AWS Trusted Advisor Checks

AWS Trusted Advisor is an important tool which provides more than 50 checks across four different categories Cost Optimization, Performance, Security & Fault Tolerance (at the moment of writing this post). But I have noticed that this is not being used more extensively considering the importance of it. Hence I created couple of lambda functions which shall be configured to run on daily basis to refresh the checks and create summary of all the checks and send an email. Read more

June 9, 2016

Scheduling automated EBS snapshots serverless using AWS Lambda

EBS snapshot as backup mechanism is a very common practice and it also has been defined in Backup and Recovery section of EC2 best practices. If you have read my another article Save AWS costs by scheduled start and stop of EC2 instances, similar approach will be used in creating Snapshots too. Using JSON in EC2 Tags enables us to provide granular configuration details. Create an EC2 tag with name as backup and value with details containing time to take backup and retention period. Read more

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